Alex Anwandter and Daniel Riveros (Gepe) Join Forces For New Album ‘Alex & Daniel’

Alex and Daniel

“Light, fizzy electropop that nods towards the mellower moments of groups like Phoenix and Passion Pit, but capitalizes more on languid,
lovely vocal melodies.” – Wondering Sound

This week iTunes debuted the new album ‘Alex and Daniel’ from Alex Anwandter and Daniel Riveros.  Get the record here:Alex and Daniel’ @ iTunes

iTunes is also offering their song ”Mejor Que Yo” as a limited-time FREE DOWNLOAD as the featured ‘Latin Single of the Week’ (USA only).  Grab that before it runs out‘Mejor Que Yo’ - Alex and Daniel 

‘Alex & Daniel’ is a collaboration between two of Chile’s most celebrated pop pioneers Alex Anwandter and Daniel Riveros (Gepe), who were brought together by a mutual admiration of the other’s music.

Check out ‘Baby‘ here on Soundcloud:

Alex Anwandter, known as the “Prince of Chilean Pop,” is one of the leading names of Chile’s new vibrant pop scene. Alex Anwandter brings together 80′s-influenced dance music and emotional songwriting, presented with an engaging live performance full of intimacy and showmanship. Anwandter’s debut solo album, “Rebeldes” was released in 2013 via Nacional Records. The album’s romantic melodies, lush strings, and poignant lyrics tug at heart-strings, while crisp percussion and upbeat basslines keep the body moving.

Here is Alex Anwandter’s “Como Puedes Vivir Contigo Mismo” from Rebeldes to prepare you for what’s to come…

Daniel Riveros, otherwise known as Gepe, began his musical career playing with Chilean singer Javiera Mena. His solo career has been a major influence on the emerging new Chilean pop sound, with a combination of folk and electronic music with contemplative songwriting and undeniably catchy melodies.

As a duo, the two artists seamlessly fuse the dance-pop and heartfelt balladry that characterize their individual sounds.

Alex & Daniel is an excellently realized pop record of vibrant insouciance and great tunes, which reflects the diverse talents of both musicians as composers and performers.” (Sounds and Colours)

You can follow Alex on Twitter and like him on Facebook.

You can also follow Gepe on Twitter and like him on Facebook.


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