M.I.S. releases new album “Politico” and video for “Mexico”


Mexican Institute of Sound’s new album ‘Politico’ will be released in stores on August 14th, but is now available on iTunes:  http://bit.ly/Politico_iTunes.

The new M.I.S.  album, aptly titled ‘Politico‘, comes at a precarious time in Mexican politics, with a recent highly-contested presidential election, massive protests, an ever-controversial immigration debate and escalating drug violence. M.I.S. (aka Camilo Lara) began writing ‘Politico‘ when the drug violence hit close to home, literally :

“A year ago I woke up and next to my house the police had seized four tons of explosive C-4 ready to be detonated in some kind of violent attack. I found it not only impressive to know that I was sleeping next to 4,000 kilos of destructive material, but that C-4 was in the heart of Mexico City. That same day, I started writing my album, which would later be called Politico. Mexico is the sum of C-4 explosives and hearts.”


The powerful video for “Mexico” was directed by Jonas Cuaron (Children of Men), son of Alfonso Cuaron (Y tu mamá también, Harry Potter). The video takes place in Mexico City’s legendary El Zócalo during massive youth demonstrations and features the youth protest movement #Soy132

Watch the video for “Mexico” below:


This week, NPR featured guest DJ Camilo Lara from M.I.S. who shares some of his favorite tracks.  Listen to the guest DJ session HERE and read the full story at: http://www.npr.org/2012/07/20/157109938/guest-dj-camilo-lara-from-mexican-institute-of-sound


For more background on the symbolism and history behind the new M.I.S. video, listen to Camilo Lara’s interview with PRI’s The World: http://www.theworld.org/2012/07/mexican-institute-of-sound/

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